Data Expansion Projects

Title Description Talk Author Download
Auction House: Expanded-Workable Expands the auction house. Forum Catone download
Expanded Palettes Hack Expands the number of colors you can use for PCs Eggers RHDN
FF6 Expansion Editor Expands drop and steal items. Forum Madsiur download
Guest Adder Expands playable characters from 14 to 16. HatZen08 RHDN
Instrument Expansion Adds most of RS3, FF5 and FF4 instruments to FF3us. Tsushly download
MMMMMagic Expands spell lists to 16 and adds 10 spell slots to each list. Forum B-Run download
Monster Expansion Expands a lot of monster data for battles. Forum Madsiur
Monster graphics relocalization patch Expands Monster graphics to more space. Forum Madsiur download
Mass Sprite Sheet Expansion Expands NPC sprite sheets to full PC sprite sheets. Forum Catone download
Restored Ability Names Expands text for ability names. Forum Angelo26 download
Zone Doctor and FF6LE Expansion Expands event triggers, NPC Data, small exits and location map data Forum  Madsiur download
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